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DESCRIPTION ► will fix accessory details!!

Adorned in earthy browns and white, Fence has very clear-cut markings that minimally blend into the auburn base color of his fur. His markings consist of two darker shades of brown. Two-toned saddle marking that goes all the way from the top back of his neck down along the top of his tail. The dark brown on his tail extends toward the bottom in the form of stripes. These colors mark his legs in a similar fashion; growing distinctly darker toward his paws. His ears are dark brown, with the darkest covering the backs of them.
His face manages to be the most intricate part of him as far as markings go. The lighter of the two dark brown markings covers the top of his muzzle before the dark appears a few inches above his nose. Dark brown marks above his eyes. It should be noted from the top of his cheeks upward is a slightly darker auburn than the rest of his fur. Contrastingly, he also has pure white markings; on his face, white appears under his eyes and spreads downward toward his lips and chin. The insides of his ears and the toes of each paw are also colorless. This white covers the very back of his paw up to the back of his wrists. On his hind legs, the white lines the back of his legs up until half way up the back of his thigh. Lastly, the tip of his tail is the same delicate white.

In the way of physique, Fence is a unique. Not at all the epitome of manly, but quite the opposite; extremely lithe and rather effeminate, giving him a beautiful appearance. Long legs carry a very lightweight 43'' frame. He's naturally a skinny boy, but looks healthy despite it; no bones show, even if they could beyond his silky fur, which is on the long side and feathery. His ears are tall, large and fluffy. Tail is lengthy and fluffy. His paws aren't exactly huge, but are in between small and the normal size of wolf paws. His face is pointed and not at all square; feminine, with large, intense and expressive, stunning blue eyes.

Overall, he's a stunning beast. Most of all, in his own eyes.

He adorns several cherished accessories. The most notable of them is his forest green cloak, held around his neck by a pretty golden clasp. Attached to that are two leather strings, each with a golden bell at the end that--naturally-- jingle gently with his movement. He has a piercing in each ear; attached is a gorgeous bright blue gem, with two silver pieces of metal dangling from the golden stud. He has two gold hoop piercings on his left eyebrow, and a golden stud piercing on his cheek on the same side. The right side of his cute pink nose has a golden hoop piercing as well. Lastly, on his left arm are two golden bangles; one is just that, but the other is heavily adorned with the same kind of blue gems that make up his earrings. Along the whole of it, small blue gems dangle from seemingly delicate silver chains, which attach themselves to the bracelet by small, sturdy silver rings.
PERSONALITY ► Fence could be considered a rather complex character. Or he could be considered a very simple one, depending on how well you know him.
Confident; to the point of arrogance. Vain enough to be comparable to Narcissus himself. A lover of beauty and all things beautiful, like himself. Nobody is near as handsome and pretty as him, but some... some may be lucky enough for him to compliment and find attractive. He very much will take offense to someone if they happen to insult him in a way he considers rude. He is a god, after all. However, he is a coward and will avoid fighting because drawing blood leaves scars and scars are one of the ugliest things one could have. He will run if confronted in a way that he feels his beauty threatened.

This doesn't mean he won't dish out his own insults to those he finds to be lesser than himself. Lesser in a disgusting level; those he finds to be unattractive in their looks. They will be treated badly because he's a judgmental man. If you aren't up to his standards, he won't waste his time being nice. Sometimes he won't even waste his oxygen by sharing it with you and will leave, unless he otherwise finds amusement in the entertainment of an ugly wolf.

The elfin man's horrible, very clear awful personality traits aside, he actually does have a few redeeming qualities. Only those who can either get past his arrogant demeanor or are someone he finds tolerable or lovely will be able to see the rarer sides of him. The overall gentle giant; someone who is actually a pacifist at heart despite his overall fear of being maimed. A lover of nature; all lesser creatures and landscapes. A dreamer who looks to the sky and wonders philosophically. A man who's heart is lonely and yearning for his other half. One who believes in love and craves it. A heart that wants a family to call his very own; to create everlasting, beautiful and wonderful life.

A caring individual who's loyal to those he loves. A kind soul who would actually stop to help a child in need even if he's rather awkward around them. One who would put aside his verbal prejudices to help an injured stranger. A cloaked man who looks up to the stars at night and thinks optimistically about the world around him and what the bright future holds.

If one could just get past the unflattering parts of his personality that greatly overshadow the kind, gentle, dreaming man underneath, they would find an indispensable friend.
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