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He/him . Gay
Light / Short
DESCRIPTION ► Here is an example photo of a dog with similar markings to Asphodel. Here is some artwork I did.

Asphodel’s frame is thin and small. It’s been years since he knew true starvation, but a childhood defined by deprivation lead to him being undersized when he reached adulthood. Most other adult wolves have at least an inch on him. However, Asphodel’s spirit is strong. Subsequent years of good nutrition and love have seen his fur grow lush, and his previously skeletal body fill out to something healthier. In strength, Asphodel is about as strong as a wolf his size can be. Past starvation has permanently affected his ability to build and retain muscle mass. He is a competent and able hunting companion, but he always loses at play wrestling.

His fur has a strange black, white and grey pattern known as merle. His underside is a soft white, but splotches of grey blot his fur further up his body, mixed with flecks, dapples and streaks of black. Texturally, his fur is luxuriously long, although it retains the same wiry consistency as normal wolf fur. While he does not often speak of it, Asphodel is very proud of his fur length. He didn’t think he’d live to see winter, but he did, and his adult coat grew in to its strangely beautiful length. When he finds still water to see his reflection in, if he is alone, he will take a moment to check in on himself. Still shockingly handsome? Check. If anyone asks what he was doing, he’ll deny that he was doing anything in the first
PERSONALITY ► Asphodel knows he is different than the wolf he could have grown up to be if things had been different, but he’s learned to like who he is. He has a few core motivations that define him: no one he cares about should ever be lonely, hungry, or looked down on, and no one should ever be able to control him. He has a dour, sometimes cantankerous nature, but he’s quick to shed any cranky mannerisms for the other Castaways in place of genuine fondness and gentle ribbing. If asked, he would say that he is the happiest wolf in the world. He has a family, a good family that loves him. He’s never alone, and he has plenty to eat. He hasn’t known the bite of cold in years, because he has the other Castaways to curl up against. He might say it with a frown on his face, but he’d mean it.

Asphodel has a protective streak for his family that runs deep as a canyon. Just because they’re not related by blood doesn’t mean they’re not family. Their blood families left them to die, that bridge has been burned. When they were younger, all they had were each other. Now, having his family is all that Asphodel thinks he could ask for, and it’s his job to make sure that they can keep living peaceful lives with smiles on their faces. He can be overzealous, overprotective, and he knows it. They are all resourceful survivors- they had to be to get this far. But he can’t help fussing in his own grouchy way. He still remembers the scared, confused cubs they all started out as. None of them need to feel like that ever again. He’ll be more loving, more accepting, more protective than their birth families could have ever been.

He can be hard to pin down by strangers. He is inexpressive, with a dry sense of humor, and a determination to never let what anyone else thinks of him slow him down. The Castaway Crew are the only people whose opinions he gives a lick about. If others think he’s uncaring, it’s irrelevant. His jests, meant in good fun to his family, grow more pointed around those he is unfamiliar with. While it was the wolves of Praxis who caused him so much misery and hardship, he blames the world. Southern Nation wolves are all complicit, barely trustworthy. Everyone else is still on thin ice, until they prove that they’re no threat the him or the wolves he cares about. If he decides to play nice for once, it’s because he thinks it’ll get him farther. He has had friends outside of the Castaways, but they’ve come and gone. His loyalty is to the wolves that carried him through a time when he was young and weak. Truly getting into his good books is an uphill battle. He has virtues that make him a worthy friend, but he doesn’t make it easy for others to see that. His thoughts sometimes wonder- what if a particularly kind and handsome wolf wanted to stay by his side? But spending time on something as frivolous as seeking a mate isn’t high on his to-do list.

If someone in his family is hurt, it’s any entirely different story. Asphodel can be thoughtless in his grumping, especially when tired or stressed, which he frequently is, but he’s not callous. His apologies are awkward, but sincere. While he cares a little bit too much, actually talking about his feelings isn’t his specialty, but he’ll try his darnedest. He tries to show rather than tell his feelings; he gathers them to share stories or jokes, he asks about their days, he catches food he knows someone in particular will like and presents it to them. If called on it, he’ll scoff, but Asphodel is a softie through and through.

The flipside of his doting nature is that Asphodel has a huge blind spot when it comes to his family members, and can be more aggressive than necessary in defending them. They can do no wrong, or if they do, no one should be too mean about it. Despite his diminutive size, Asphodel has thrown himself into brawls because someone made Petal upset, or Fox got himself into trouble again and some unkind words might have been cast in his direction. Others might worry about setting a bad example, but Asphodel doesn’t want anyone he cares about to feel like they need to take flack from anyone, period, even if it’s earned him a reputation in some circles as “that bad-tempered guy who gets beat up a lot.”

An issue he is plagued by is poor sleep. He has well and truly left his worst days behind, but when he lies down to sleep, a restlessness fills him, no matter how tired. When he does drift off, he dreams vividly. Sometimes, it’s normal dream nonsense, but more vivid than it has any right to be. But it can just as easily a swirl of fear. He tries to put it out of his mind when waking, but dreams of losing someone he cares about shake him. Sometimes he’s a cub again, wandering at the edge of claimed territory, calling and calling over and over for someone to care, to take him back. No one does.
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played by Mortimer/Mort

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