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Wanderer No Information . last seen Jun 21 2018, 09:43 AM       
110 karma
She . Hetero
Med. / Tall
DESCRIPTION ► Liquid reflection in her stare, a fire seems to burn there. Mountaintop icy mixed eyes seem to chill upon a stare. Born early and in the snow was a fitting sight for the beginning. She is rather large in build but not as much as her mostly fluffy coat would suggest. Ears give hint to the only dark pieces of fur on her. She matches with the snow, purely white in almost all areas. Underneath a bit of creme can be seen in the form of a few tuffs.

Though bit long legged she is built for the balance of survival and strength. Take a look underneath and you can see the missing line of hair from a nasty injury; since scared over. A model of teeth, claws and keen sight Delaiah is a nod to ancestors past. She can fair well in a hunt when her mind and luck on target. Quiet are the paws as she treads through life.
PERSONALITY ► Charming, loyal and honest in her ways or so most would say of Delaiah. Those that know her know much and to what ends she displays such mannerisms. She desires to model a life that could have been. The sense to know what that fully means has only recently been for front in her in her mind. She grew up within a pack that viewed females with very little favor. Weaker and good only for one thing in the ruling mindset. Delaiah was the daughter of a king. Something within her clicked as a child. Some called it the disease. She would call it greatness.

Her father overjoyed at the birth of three strong sons, had little use for Delaiah This deterred her little. She would show him, she would be worthy of his attention. But deep down this may be truly how she would attempt to create a life for herself. Out of the pack and the expectations. Free to forge her own trail. Quick wit and a tendency with boredom are a harsh mix for her at times. Though as she ages this may be something she is able to mask. Delaiah’s not always acting but it’s sometimes difficult, even for those closet to her, to determine her real intentions.
HISTORY ► No Information
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