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He/Him/His . Homosexual
Heavy / Tall
DESCRIPTION ► Hiram is the definition of a gentle giant. He is much larger than most, with an impressive stature and a bulkiness to his build. Every step he takes seems charged with a strength and power that comes from deep within. And yet, even with such inherent physical power, Hiram does not have an overbearing presence. His lovely lavender eyes always seem to be full of compassion. Through his body language, he makes it quite clear that he prefers to blend into the background. He is often quiet, and never aggressive. He never wants to be the center of attention, because that ended so badly for him in the past.

This bulky figure is covered in white fur, completely untouched by markings save for the edge of his left ear, which looks as though it was lightly dipped in black ink. This he considers to be a sort of birthmark, setting him just slightly apart from every other, pristine white wolf out there. His fur is soft and plush, almost what one might consider feminine. This is largely due to his consistent and mindful grooming. Hiram is not vain, but he cares about his appearance and his ability to make a decent impression.

PERSONALITY ► Hiram has enough love in his heart for everyone. Whether it be family, friend, or stranger, he will always be there to offer help and support in times of need. He has an incredible amount of empathy for others, and will never hesitate to be a shoulder to cry on. He is kind. He is gentle. He would never willingly harm another with words or with actions. He avoids confrontation at almost any cost, and has always seen more value in the art of healing than in the art of war.

Hiram is, admittedly, very sensitive. With such a big, welcoming heart, it is no wonder. He lets himself be vulnerable almost constantly, which puts his heart at risk of being broken. But that is a price he is willing to pay in order to serve those around him. It is important to note that, if Hiram does get hurt (physically or emotionally), he may never show it or open up about it. He would rather keep it to himself, to avoid unwanted attention.

Hiram is intelligent, and a quick learner. He loves to make new friends and learn new things, especially about healing and the mysterious energia, which he discovered for the first time upon entering this new land.

Last but not least, Hiram is reserved and soft-spoken. He often thinks for a little while before he speaks, but this also means that his words are always meaningful and deliberate. He never blurts things out or speaks out of turn. Hiram enjoys good conversation, but with him the conversation is usually pretty unequal, meaning he listens more than he speaks. He is also reserved when it comes to romantic relationships. His own family scorned him for his sexuality, and as a result he has always struggled with self-worth and acceptance. But he has not given up on the idea of love, and still hopes he will find it someday. And maybe then his wounded heart will finally be made whole.
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