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she/her . pansexual
Med. / Tall
DESCRIPTION ► She is tall and willowy, though with a sense of mass about her that lends her strength of body. Vicca's primary coat color is a soft cream that gradients to shades of dark copper along her back, with dustings of peach along her facial features. Her eyes are a vivid steel blue, verging on shades of grey in the right light that twinkle like a sky at dusk, after the sun has already set and the fiery hues have since died out. Her body is heavier than an average ectomorph, leaving her with what can only be called a valkyrie's curves at shoulder and hip, with lengthier tresses along her nape and thighs that sway with her motions.

Vicca is relatively strong when necessary, but it's her speed she relies on most in situations of combat. She can pivot and twirl with the best of them, and for short distances she is incredibly fast (though her endurance over long distances can lack). It's not uncommon for her to be seen with an array of all things "nature" that she collects, often choosing the best of them to offer to the Grand Aspects.
PERSONALITY ► Vicca is a complicated creature, leaning towards chaotic good but it can become overwhelmed in some moments by her need to follow law and example. She has a good heart at her core: she is kind, generous, and relatively positive for the most part. There is a deep part of her that yearns to be cared for and loved, whether in a familial or spousal capacity -- it has led to some crushing relationships for her in the past, but she grapples with the pain in all the way she knows how and has thus always found her way through to the other side.

She can be obstinate and downright stubborn at times, and vindictively protective of those she cares for if they have been slighted or wronged in any way. This rancorous love for others leaves her open and vulnerable to protecting her own self, leading to many instances of self-sacrifice and subsequent discomfort (even pain) when she herself is wronged. But, she considers it a worthy sacrifice.

Her perception of the Energia is one of reverence: she understands its importance and would do nothing to compromise it's presence in the land of Haven, much less earn its ire towards her. It's not uncommon for her to be found at Terra's Temple paying all manner of tribute.
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