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He . Straight
Light / Tall
DESCRIPTION ► Zearane was once all white, snowy and fluffy and pure. Years of his lifestyle has left a slight green stain on his fur, though he still is more or less white. His eyes are vivid yellow and seem to spark with excitement.
He has a thick bushy tail, often filled with burrs and general vegetation. His legs are spindly and long, though his paws seem freakishly large for his size, and often get in his way. His snout is long, thin and pointed and leads a straight line down his back. His overall physique is tall and skinny, almost skeletal.
PERSONALITY ► Zearane is best described as being happy-go-lucky. He cares about very few things in this world, instead he spends his time doing whatever keeps that crazed smile on his face. He considers himself easily befriended, and isn't bothered by who an acquaintance is, only if they're fun enough to spend his precious time with.

He finds it hard to pay attention, and fidgets often. He can talk the ear off a field of corn and still continue talking, even if it is in circles. To many he is a nuisance, and to many he is just a clown. But Zearane knows his worth and isn't afraid to stand up for himself when questioned.

An oddity in every way Zearane considers himself 'vegetarian' and thinks a mouthful of dandelions is an appropriate breakfast. Coming from a family of the same mindset he has learned exactly which plants he needs in order to remain somewhat healthy. He does consider insects a delicacy, however and will eat them with little concern.
The only insects he won't eat are butterflies, which he hopes to have a collection of at some point in time, if only they'd just stay put!
HISTORY ► No Information
played by Panda

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