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DESCRIPTION ► bogbean ref

Art by me! You can find me at Taxidermed on FurAffinity. Icon is a CC stock image.

Bogbean is small, but not petite. While not hulking, she is not lean, either, built sturdy and strong for fighting her way through cold river currents. Her fur is unremarkable in length or texture, comparable to the average North American gray wolf, with a thick double-coat that keeps her warm in the winter and dry in the water.

Her fur color is a point of pride, patterned in rich russet reds and browns on the top, with a lovely cornsilk underbelly. Her eyes are large, bright and round, a strange hazel-green color. She strongly resembles one of her fathers, something she also draws pride from- the other was a pure white wolf.

Bogbean carries herself confidently and with dignity. She has a steady but clipped gait- she is on the short side. During special events, Bogbean has a small set of shell jewelry she weaves into the fur of her neck.
PERSONALITY ► Bogbean is a spirited young creature. She navigates her days with an easygoing cheer, largely content to keep things as they are. She considers hard times a thing of the past and looks forward to a future she assumes to be bright.

She is quick with a quip or a story, believing laughter to be the best medicine. While she has no immediate family that she knows of, Bogbean spends her days honing her skills as a fishing wolf and collecting oddments from around her home range to proudly display to any kind stranger who will humor her. Having no immediate family that she knows of, Bogbean puts her skill with fishing to use in providing for the larger network of wolves she is part of.

An entertainer at heart, Bogbean collects folk tales and local legends eagerly. If she catches wind of a traveler from lands afar passing through, she will drop whatever she is doing to rush to the poor soul and attempt to pry whatever local lore she can out of them. With her spoils, she attempts to befriend others and entertain young puppies. She's popular with mothers, who she often babysits for.

Bogbean was the only child born to an older couple who had been unsuccessfully attempting to conceive for years. Neither had been especially hale, and largely relied on their friends to get by. Close to Bogbean's first birthday, one of her fathers was finally overtaken by chronic lung infections he was susceptible to. Six months ago, her other father was taken from her when he got into a nasty scrap with a starving wolverine and his subsequent wounds became infected. Bogbean has been more affected by the early loss of her parents than she cares to admit, but throwing herself into learning to fish and care for the others around her has given her something to live for. She believes that her fathers would want her to live her best life. Perhaps because of the loss she experienced, she dotes on children, knowing how important parental figures can be in a young wolf's life.
HISTORY ► No Information
played by Mortimer/Mort

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