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Wanderer No Information . last seen May 11 2018, 06:47 PM       
180 karma
Female . Straight
Light / Tall
DESCRIPTION ► Dirty grey fur hangs dank and limp from a skinny, bone-filled form. Green eyes shine with a flat light even as they stare downwards. Her ears are short and round, the fur on the tip curly and unkempt.The fur on her paws is often matted and dirty, indicating that she rarely partakes in cleaning herself. Her shoulders are rolled forward and hunched and she walks with a slight limp. Her front right paw is matted with blood where she sustained a bad wound in her homeland. She looks weary, downtrodden and simply depressing at the best of times.
PERSONALITY ► Ildaytia is a sullen young female. Shy and quiet, she tends to those who need her help with a gentle touch and a warm voice. She is calmly optimistic, always ready and willing to believe the best in others, even when she is shown otherwise. Her instincts push her to help others, at any cost to herself and this has proven her downfall time and time again. Wary of strangers she is, though she is far too polite to outwardly ignore someone. Paranoia is rampant in her head. While she sees the good in others, she believes that all others see in her is the darkness that is the shadow of her past.
HISTORY ► -stockholm syndrome
-has child to one of her captors
-escapes without male child adopted by pack
played by Panda

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