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Western Hierarch . last seen Jan 17 2018, 12:51 PM       
175 karma
She/Her . Bisexual
Med. / Tall

Aprique is tall but not gangly; her legs and shoulders are well-muscled, hinting at an active body that's seen many miles of travel. She has a deep chest and her overall appearance of solidness is aided by the thickness of her pelt. That thick coat doesn't stray into the realm of fluffiness, although it does keep her snug in all seasons.

Her appearance is perhaps a little at odds with her outward personality - or maybe it just hints at the disarray within. While she's not entirely unkempt and maintains a healthy weight, Aprique's fur is rarely immaculate. She tends to appear at best windswept and at worst physically ruffled, a situation not helped by a coarse coat that seems to have its own ideas about how to sit over her form.

Her colouration is akin to honey: soft, warm creams darkening to golden brown around her neck and along her spine. Cream pales to off-white in a mask over her eyes, on her underside and all four paws. Everything about Aprique's colouring is soft - there is no abrupt demarcation between shades to be found on her.

Her large eyes, in contrast to her mild pelt, are a rich, blazing amber which hold more intensity than might be believed of her gentle personality. It's through her eyes that she broadcasts her sincerity, but occasionally her gaze will also betray her less than upbeat thoughts. It's rare to see Aprique sag or wilt before the Nation: in public she holds herself with confidence by necessity, although she's not as imposing as her fellow Hierarch can be. Her stature and poise don't demand overt submission, nor do they signal that she can be walked all over.

Aprique speaks and moves more often than not with practised calmness and clarity. Sometimes a flash of fire in her voice or a flurry of movement will clue others into her internal state, but overall she strives to maintain a level and approachable exterior.
PERSONALITY ► Aprique lives up to the definition of her name - sunny - at least on the surface. She's always been endowed with a big heart and a streak of kindness which extends beyond mere gestures; Aprique truly cares about her loved ones and, by extension, her Nation as a whole. A good and genuine listener, Aprique always has an ear for the concerns of the Western Nation and frequently responds to those concerns by putting forth effort to boost morale. Whether it's a hunt, a festival, a healing lesson or a chance to regale the Nation with stories, Aprique puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows for the Western Hierarch. While her ability to listen to and absorb the concerns and feelings of her friends is perhaps her greatest asset, it can also be her greatest downfall. Beyond having empathy for others, Aprique could be said to be approaching the role of an actual empath; she feels deeply, the good and the bad, and this can result in a struggle to reconcile her positive outlook with the weight of reality. With the territory of feeling things deeply comes an intense need to be liked. Aprique wants nothing more than to be loved as much as she loves her people, but she often feels obliged to play the part of an optimist for their sake, despite knowing that it might make her look naive. It's only behind closed doors that the burden of putting on a sunny mask comes to light - and then she craves reassurance that whatever she's doing is right.

Being incredibly giving of her time and energy, too, takes its toll; sometimes the woman reaches burnout and is unable to show herself for days at a time, afraid that she might present a face that falls short of what's expected of her. She always picks herself back up, but there may come a day when cracks start to show.
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