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Northern Hierarch . last seen Jan 5 2018, 12:37 AM       
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she/her/hers . pansexual
Med. / Tall
DESCRIPTION ► Surprisingly monochrome in appearance for one so vibrant, Danai has a solid black coat and golden eyes. There are no imperfections in her coloring save for a few white tips on her chest, though she more than likely will show graying around her muzzle as she ages. She is large for a female, weighing in at about eighty-four pounds and standing a few inches under three feet at the shoulder. The fact that she is often seen beside Xerxes, her most trusted Legate and a pointedly small individual, only throws her size into greater contrast, so much so that she is occasionally mistaken for a male. She is not offended by this in the slightest, though it is worth noting that her musculature tends more toward leanness; not for femininity's sake, but rather to point out that her shape better serves her in tests of speed rather than brute strength.

When she moves, she does so with the air of someone who knows exactly where they are headed, even if she has never been there before. Her strides ooze confidence, each taken with her chin held up and her gaze straight ahead, and it is akin to watching a comet sear its path across the sky. Athletic and determined, she is adept at finding her way over, under, through, and around obstacles, and she is actually disappointed if one does not present itself. It is not enough that she be presented only with unique challenges of the mind or those only of the body; she must have both. Even at rest, she is rarely truly resting. A slight swivel of her ears, an intrigued swish of her tail, or a twitch of her nose as the breeze wafts by are all subtle signs of her constant foraging for new information.

She is highly expressive and animated, as she is still a young Heirarch and has not learned how to school her features properly. Her eyes have a piercing quality, though not in the most common sense. Indeed, while others may seem to look right past an individual's face and see what is hidden beneath, she simply pins you to the spot. It is hard for someone to imagine that she sees anything else when she makes eye contact with them, and it is almost always a challenge of some sort. Sometimes it is to a game and sometimes it is to a fight, but she is not a difficult creature to read and the difference between the two is always clear. It is similarly easy to tell when she has lost interest in the subject; a mere shift in her gaze, and she has moved on to the next idea.

Lastly, the tip of her right ear is missing, bitten away by frost after the particularly cold winter following her bloom. She is rather proud of it, as she will be of other scars she obtains. It is a sign that she was stronger than what tried to kill her.
PERSONALITY ► Extremely idealistic, Danai has an opinion on everything and rarely hesitates to share. She will fight hard for causes that resonate with her, regardless (and sometimes in deliberate spite) of how lost it may seem. Paired with the fact that she is the owner of an unfortunately short fuse, it comes as no surprise that she butts heads with nearly everyone at least once. Luckily, her temper is as quick to dissipate as it is to flare up, and she is swift to forgive heated words and even spilled blood. Plus, she possesses a sharp wit and deep appreciation for social interaction, and so her tendency to start fights is tempered by her uncanny ability to endear herself to others with her genuine, charismatic nature. The truth bubbles up in her chest and out of her mouth without checking in with her first, be it to her merit or downfall.

Active and energetic, she is something of a daredevil and frequently challenges herself to physical feats, from sprints to climbing trees. In part because of her youth but mostly due to this restlessness, she is not content to constantly delegate the responsibilities of day-to-day life to Loyalists, and sometimes elects to join them. While her tastes are decidedly warlike and she enjoys the effort of sparring more than that of caring for seedlings, she has a special fondness for cubs and their rowdy games. Inspired and eager to leave her mark in the lorebooks of her Nation, she has begun to develop a series of competitions held in the summertime, in which all Northerners are welcome and encouraged to participate. Meant as a unification exercise and a celebration of the Energia bringing warmth back to the mountains, winners are honored with a wreath of leaves from the Temple of Terra.

Yet all is not leisure and excess under her rule, and her reign could just as easily become that of battles and violence should others mistake her playful behavior for weakness. She is well aware that her father's illness made the Northern Nation fragile and easily manipulated, and she does not regard the memory of the snakes that whispered in his ears with any trace of kindness. Prideful and impulsive, she will not abide challenges to her authority with mercy nor will she hesitate to engage with those who she perceives as a threat. Chaotic good embodied, she has a strict personal code of conduct that allows for a more flexible interpretation of what is generally agreed to be 'good' and 'bad.' Stealing, cheating, and yes, even killing are all acceptable means to an end, as long as that end allows innocents to thrive where they otherwise would have suffered.

Overall a confident, if not overzealous leader, Danai nonetheless harbors a secret fear that she will not be liked or loved by her people. She hides it so well that even she forgets it sometimes, but she worries that there is a piece of her heart that they cannot accept.
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