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 want some dogs? i've got dogs!
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 12:01 PM
played by Mortimer/Mort
contact: Tranquil
feeling impish
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Bogbean is a young lady who's just raring to go. she's still coping with the death of her parents, but has a supportive home community that she's fallen back on for comfort and purpose. she likes kids and is a very skilled hunter of aquatic prey, but is naive about the world outside her little corner of the Southern Nation. she's generous, enthusiastic, and has a love for the world around her.

some potential hooks: if you play another Southern Nation wolf, she could potentially be familiar with them in some capacity. maybe she babysits for one of their relatives, met them at some sort of celebration, or maybe they were friends of her her fathers. Bogbean has a lot of love to spread around! she could really use a good friend or hunting buddy that isn't an NPC i'm merely implying the existence of

i definitely want her to make some friends outside of her home circle. she'll bond with pretty much anyone who's nice to her. she'll be very grateful to wolves who are willing to show her the ins and outs of the world at large, listen to her rattle, play wrestle, and generally be accommodating of her energetic nature.

i'm definitely also open to working with crushes, mutual or otherwise. she's perfect material for a goopy romance plot, so feel free to toss any eligible bachelorettes in her direction. if they'd make good friends, they'd probably make good girlfriends.

Asphodel is a tough nut to crack. he's part of the Castaway Crew, a group of wolves bonded together by past hardship, and he's pretty suspicious of anyone that isn't part of his flock. he's standoffish, unpleasant, and concerned primarily with being a mother hen rather than attending to his own personal social needs. i'm more hesitant to just throw him into threads than i am with Bogbean, as he's unsociable and is likely to bring any action in the thread to a halt by being impossible to talk to, unless he has a compelling reason to want to give someone who's not on his whitelist the time of day.

plot hooks: Castaway Crew wolves (obviously) have a clear way forward with Asphodel. he already cares deeply for all of them, feels compelled to attend to their needs before his own, would die for them, et cetera. his individual relationship with all of them is different so like, just hmu and we can talk about what their exact dynamic is. i don't expect all the Crew members to feel for him with the same intensity, it's just how he is. he basically feels like a big brother to all of them.

he's going to have an actual reason to talk to someone who's friends with other members of the Castaway Crew. he'll want to vet them, make sure they're not a potential danger, and he values being at least on courteous terms with the friends of his friends.

Southern Nation wolves, on the other hand, he might try and pick a fight with, especially a wolf in a position of authority. so if you're itching to write a fight, Asphodel's your guy, and he'll probably lose unless the other wolf is a giant wimp. he's tiny, but he's packed full of repressed anger.

this prompt is less easy to pick up, but i'd kind of love to write him meeting up with a sibling of his. he wouldn't be as ready to blame them for the actions of other Praxis wolves, but would resent them for getting the childhood he didn't.

lastly, he would have no idea how to deal with someone hitting on him. he's much less easy to pair off than Bogbean because of him being who he is, but i still want to try because i am sappy. he can't parse flirting or other romantic overtures easily into "threatening" or "non threatening" behavior so you'd get a very confused Asphodel. it'd be hilarious. he's unlikely to make the first move himself unless they've already been friends for a good long time.
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