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to haven! We’re happy you’ve found us. Haven is an advanced wolf roleplay with pagan and magical traits. The site’s simplistic nature is geared towards those seeking a relaxed, drama-free writing environment while still including content and lore that will drive muse and plots both! Read our Rules to get started, and Register when you're ready. We look forward to writing with you!
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Getting Started

For new members or those still considering joining the site, welcome to Haven! This friendly guide will walk you through the core elements of the site, as well as which guide pages to read first in order to get the most accurate picture of what goes down in and out of character. Follow the sections below!


First thing's first: Haven is best viewed in Google Chrome, with a minimum resolution of 1440x900. Because we use a free version of Jcink, you may encounter ads. These can be blocked using the "Adblocker" feature in Chrome.

Setting & Plot

Haven is set in a human-less land very similar to North America in terms of terrain and ecology, and is currently healthy with no famine. Wolves have existed in Haven even prior to our site opening on 11/7, meaning that it's as fertile as always and while new wolves are arriving, wolves have technically been here all along. No "the lands were cleared and wolves may now re-enter" site opening storylines for us.

Our plot is currently loose: the wolves are existing rather peaceably, but each Nation has it's own histories and dramas, as it were. As we are a play-by-post rpg, the singular site plot will unfold and change based on what people post and write about, but as of right now the main goal for our players is to get settled into Haven with their characters. In-character, the wolves are living their day to day lives, harnessing the Energia, practicing with it, and awaiting the next appearance of a Paragon. Life is peaceful, here... for now.

Important Reading

To accurately understand Haven and it's concepts, rules and characters, we highly suggest the following site reading materials in the shown order:

Controlled Contact
Wolf Biology

The other site pages are of course important reading as well, but the above will help you get a firm grasp on the baser concepts of Haven, and what you'd be in for as a member.

Joining the Site

We're very open to lurkers, so you are more than welcome to register with an OOC account and continue to peruse the boards while you think of a character concept. If you've chosen to do this, you can then post and interact on all of the OOC forums, including those soliciting site input from the players, as well as posting and collecting inspirations for yourself on the Notebook forum.

If you are ready to join as a character, great! You can register with your own unique concept, OR you can apply for any of the adoptables on our Adoptables forum.

★★ We currently have Nation Leaders and other canon characters up for adoption! Don't miss out!

When you register an account, you'll need to fill it out in full before it will allow you to proceed. Most of the fields are self explanatory, but we do require at least 1-2 healthy paragraphs for the Personality and Description areas. We just want to see that you are dedicated to your character concept and are willing to describe them as such!

★ For a limited time during our soft-open, you can join as a Loyalist of any of the three Nations! Just ping a staff member in the cbox OR request the change in rank on our Maintenance board once you've created your account.

Once you've registered, your account will be in the Validating stage. You'll be able to access your User Control Panel and the Forums once a staff member has validated it.

Where to Post

Currently, Haven is wide open in terms of in-character posting. This means that you can post anywhere, including Nation lands! It's a veritable free-for-all right now, and with time paused this gives plenty of time for in-character exploration.

Likewise, pop over to the Hangout and say hello to the rest of your players! We definitely encourage a healthy community atmosphere, so don't be shy. :)

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