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to haven! We’re happy you’ve found us. Haven is an advanced wolf roleplay with pagan and magical traits. The site’s simplistic nature is geared towards those seeking a relaxed, drama-free writing environment while still including content and lore that will drive muse and plots both! Read our Rules to get started, and Register when you're ready. We look forward to writing with you!
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General Rules

1. Enjoy your writing!
Here at Haven, our primary goal is for players to have a fun, interactive and creative place where they can enjoy their writing. We want the site to not only be a community of positivity, but also solidarity and encouragement for one another in terms of growing with our characters.

2. Respect your fellow players.
Empathy first, reaction second. Be respectful and cordial to your fellow players, including players of the Staff Team. Approach disagreement with an open mind and from a place of kindness. Drama of any kind is highly frowned upon and won’t be tolerated in any capacity, and the Staff Team reserves any and all right to dismiss any member who cannot comply with this rule.

3. All players must be at least 15 years old.
Haven is COPPA Compliant, meaning that any member under the age of 13 cannot register on our forum. However, in an effort to foster a mature community, players under the age of 15 will not be accepted, no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding!

4. Know the ins and outs of forum roleplay.
Here at Haven, we want our players to have previous forum roleplay experience. This includes a firm grasp on general literacy, grammar and spelling, without the use of chat-speak or an overuse of “wolfspeak”. We understand there’s always room for improvement, but we’d rather not be your first rodeo.

5. No OOC to IC or vice versa.
Much like Vegas, what happens In Character stays in character. This goes for Out of Character too; there should be no transference.

6. Metaplay, Powerplay and Godmoding: let’s not.
Metaplay (the act of your character gaining knowledge without having roleplayed it) is never allowed, save for specific listed instances on our Setting page. Powerplay (controlling another person’s character with your own writing) is off limits unless you have permission from that member to do so. Godmoding (unrealistic advantages, invincibility, etc for your character) is not allowed.

Posting & Activity

1. Quality over Quantity.
Quality should always trump quantity, but in the spirit of a more mature forum base, we do have a minimum of 1 paragraph (approx. 5-7 well-fleshed sentences) per post. Mirror posting is not required, but definitely encouraged!

2. Haven is rated a 3-2-2 on the RPG Rating Scale.
This means that mature language, violence and sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. Sexual/Mature content should be clearly flagged and marked, with sexual encounters fading to black or avoiding an overabundance of detail. When in doubt, refer to General Rule #2 and consult with those whom you are writing with.

3. All images and artwork should be appropriately credited.
Avatars, postscripts and profile images should either be yours for sole use, or clearly credited on the image. All stock images used should either be creative commons, credited and/or purchased appropriately, or of your own creation.

4. Your activity dictates your Character Limit.
Here at Haven, we have no character cap. Instead, players are free to have as many characters as they so choose so long as all of the accounts exhibit some level of IC activity. Should you be found with an excessive number of inactive accounts, you may be asked to save their profiles and remove them until you intend to play them again.

5. One character per account.
Players should only have one character per account. This means that when you want to make a new character (or an OOC account) you’ll register for a new one.

6. Postscripts and post art are allowed.
All are welcome to decorate their posts how they please, so long as the text colors and sizes are legible, and any postscripts or images do not stretch the boards or contain mature content.

7. We operate on double-time.
This means that time on Haven passes twice as fast as it does in real life. 7 real days equals 14 Haven days. Each season will last 45 days, which means an entire year in Haven will have taken place in 6 months ooc time.

8. Post comings are prohibited.
Due to site plugins and currencies, players cannot save their place in a thread with a ‘post coming’. All in-character replies must be posted in full.


1. Characters should appear mildly realistic, with allowances.
Haven encourages semi-realistic pelt colors, such as black, white, gray, red, and blonde. Within reason, coats can also be long or short-haired. Coat patterns such as piebald, merle, brindle and tri-color are welcome, as are any and all eye colors.

2. Natural adornments are good; weapons or armor are bad.
Players are free to be creative with small natural adornments, such as vine necklaces, crystals, bones and the like. However, weapons and armor of any kind are prohibited.

3. Characters can reproduce at 2 years of age.
Males and females both reach reproductive age at 2. Likewise, females older than 8 can no longer reproduce.

4. Wolves of Haven don’t conceive… they germinate!
Wolves within Haven come from the earth… quite literally. Natural pregnancy doesn’t exist here, but rather a ritualistic sowing of seeds that germinates into pups during Spring and Summer only. The Life Energia is a magic that all wolves of Haven will know and learn once they reach sexual maturity. The couple (hetero or non-hetero) must perform the ritual of Life by combining their energies and burying it in fresh soil. The energy germinates for 14 OOC days (or 1 month IC) and, if well-tended, will sprout puppies! A single litter may not have more than 4 pups. For more information, please read here.

5. Age with grace.
Players should be diligent about accurately aging their characters each season. Appropriately, pups just born will not be able to walk or speak. For more information on wolf aging on Haven, take a gander at our Biology Guide.

6. Haven supports ‘Controlled Contact’.
This means that players are in charge of what level of contact their characters are open to, by displaying it on their mini-profiles. This concept is solely intended to foster player comfort. For more information, please read Here.

Nations, Clans & Politics

1. Nation and Clan leaders must be at least 1 year old.
This applies to both inheritors and usurpers: any character looking to hold a leadership or council rank must be at least 1 year old.

2. No gender roles here.
Whether a character is male, female, somewhere in-between or doesn’t identify with one specific gender at all, all wolves within Haven have equal standing. This means that any gender can challenge for (and subsequently hold) any rank they please, so long as they can defend themselves.

3. Don’t hoard leadership or council ranks.
Players should not have more than one Leader and Council character (whether Clan or Nation) in each category. Share the love!

4. Challenge winners get a grace period.
If a wolf wins a fight for a Leadership rank, they cannot be re-challenged for 2 ooc weeks. This gives them time to settle before being brought to task again.

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